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Lost Mountain Stones

Lost Mountain is now part of the Van Klee company. Sometimes stones will be shipped from a different location, therefore you may be required to pay two shipping charges.  Whenever possible, we will combine the shipment.

The web site shopping cart only takes an authorization on your card.We do not actually charge it until we process your shipment.

(If you need to contact Lost Mountain directly, they can be reached at 800-800-6319 or

Image Blessed Beads Bracelets
Blessed Beads Bracelets

Semi-precious stones alternating with silver-tone beads are on an elastic band for an easy fit.

Image Cosmic Eggs
Cosmic Eggs

Semi-precious stones with wooden base. Size: Approximately 2"

Image Earth Spheres
Earth Spheres

Semi-precious stones  with wooden base. Size: Approximately 1 1/2"

Image Gemstone Carvings
Gemstone Carvings

This collection of carvings represent mythological beliefs, wildlife, and symbols. Average height: 1 1/2"

Image Pyramid Dreams
Pyramid Dreams

Pyramids carved from semi-precious stones.  Approximately 3" high

Image Stone Hearts
Stone Hearts

Polished hearts in assorted semi-precious stones. Also called Puffy Hearts, these are nicely rounded so as to fit comfortably in your palm. High quality.

size: Approximately 1 3/4" high


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